Method Man outlined his experience transitioning from legendary Wu-Tang Clan member to actor.

The 47-year-old admitted that he got tired of performing shows (“It’s like a three-hour Pilates class”), which led to his decision to try out acting. The rapper moved to Los Angeles, slept on his manager’s couch “for like a month, next to her dog” and started going on auditions.

“This is where it gets weird,” Method told Colbert, “because I’m still in rapper mode. So, I’m going on audition to be like an FBI guy, DEA, something like that, but I have all my chains on (and) my expensive shoes. I guess they couldn’t see the nuance I was bringing to the character.”

Colbert then asked if Method Man practices method acting. The rapper responded by using his role in Tracy Morgan’s TBS show The Last O.G. as an example. The show currently taking on subjects such as gentrification, and Method Man had to be mad in one particular scene.


Watch the clip below where Meth also discusses his love for Wolverine, when he fell in love with hip-hop and refers to Colbert as Tyrone throughout: