Jay-Z says the Recording Academy is at fault for Beyoncé never winning the top prize at the Grammys, but Bey’s pops says her own record label is also contributing to the snub.

Mathew Knowles, Beyoncé’s father, responded to Jay-Z’s criticism of the Recording Academy, suggesting that Beyoncé’s record label, Columbia Records, is also a factor in her not winning Album of the Year (AOTY) at the Grammys. Mathew claimed that Columbia Records, which can only support one artist per category, may not be adequately supporting Beyoncé behind the scenes during the voting and lobbying process for award shows. Knowles cited the 2017 Grammys when Beyoncé and Adele, both signed to Columbia, were nominated for AOTY, and Adele won. Mathew implied that the record label favoured Adele.