In a recent episode of the My Expert Opinion Show, Math Hoffa and the legendary rapper Percy Miller, also known as Master P, discussed the importance of hard work and perseverance in achieving success.

Master P shared his experience of selling a million records independently and the dedication it took to make that happen, even going into dangerous neighbourhoods. Master P also highlighted the need for education and knowledge in the African-American community. He talked about his collaboration with Snoop Dogg in creating a cereal brand called Snoop Cereal. Their aim is to not only provide a quality product but also educate young people about financial literacy. Master P believes that education is more important than money and is focused on creating future leaders and millionaires.

The rapper also talked about the importance of collaboration and supporting each other’s success. He expressed his admiration for Snoop Dogg’s talent and decided to help him get out of his deal with Death Row Records. Master P believes in building successful partnerships where everyone benefits and celebrates each other’s achievements.