Kanye West kicked off his newly resurrected Sunday Service by inviting Justin Bieber to lead a prayer.

While Bieber is a familiar guest at the spiritual event, the two were joined by a new, unlikely attendee. Marilyn Manson joined Kanye West and Justin Bieber during the Sunday event. While the rock star had most of his face covered, he joined the rest crowd by dressing in all-white and bowing as Bieber said his prayer.

Earlier this year, Kanye West welcomed Manson to his Donda listening event in Chicago. Manson’s pairing with West comes as the rocker has had nearly half a dozen lawsuits filed against him from ex-girlfriends accusing him of sex crimes. Viewers were also shocked to see Manson standing side by side with Bieber. In 2017, Manson talked about a legal dispute and encounter he had with Justin Bieber. The dispute revolved around Bieber selling t-shirts at Barneys with Manson’s image on them. After making incendiary remarks about the pop star, Manson claimed he eventually took all of the proceeds from the shirts.