Although conspiracy theories appear to be inevitable anytime a notable figure’s life is cut short, Nipsey Hussle’s death in particular has spawned great speculation in regards to what really happened on that fateful Sunday afternoon.

Although a theory about Nipsey’s connection to Dr. Sebi gained steam online immediately after his murder, that idea was basically debunked when the suspect’s identity was revealed during the two-day manhunt, though now the motive behind those circumstances has also been called into question. It’s since been reported that Eric Holder shot Nipsey after being embarrassed by the late rapper when he called him a snitch, yet one supposed witness says that the narrative of any initial confrontation is simply untrue.

Nipsey’s business partner, Herman Douglas, recently spoke to reporters to reveal that he was with Nipsey right before the shooting, claiming that Holder actually shook their hands before taking the rapper’s life and wounding two others.