23 Mar

Lupe Fiasco Shares His Thoughts on ‘Black Panther’

Marvel’s Black Panther has been a powerhouse in the theaters. The Ryan Coogler directed movie continues to shatter records, surpassing $1 billion in box office revenue. The dominance of the film can be seen as for the fifth week since its release, the superhero flick has remained No.1.

Amid outstanding reviews from an overwhelming number of individuals, including LeBron James, Will Smith, and Michelle Obama, rapper Lupe Fiasco believes it’s a “good” film, but much of the hype comes from the fact we don’t see movies with all black cast produced often.

Speaking recently on Instagram live, Lupe explained that Black Panther doesn’t hold up to other movies he seen in his lifetime.

“I mean I like Black Panther” Lupe Said ”I don’t necessarily like film too much these days simply because I think I’m of a generation I’m 36, so I was born in 82, and I’ve been able to see films be redone like entire genres or themes the films be redone so I was there for like the original Ghostbusters and then the Ghostbusters reboot right and then you get to see like all the whole cycle take place”

He went on to state that special effects have taken some the realism from movies nowadays and that his taste of films makes him rate Black Panther as just “okay.”

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