👿Lil Uzi Vert👿 recently met up with Nardwuar the Human Serviette while in Canada this past weekend, and the result of the interview turned out to be hilarious, as Uzi ended up literally running away from the interview.

The interview begins with Nardwuar waiting to speak Uzi, standing outside of his dressing room. Once the rapper finished his set, he and Nardwuar began to speak, which led to Nardwuar shocking the rapper by bringing up information and gifts that were related to early points in his career.

Eventually, Uzi’s mind was blown by Nardwuar’s relevance with his topics, with him saying How you know [I like] this? I’m glad I’ma a good guy ’cause if I was under investigation for something I’d be scared right now. How you know that? They don’t even know that.” Uzi then goes on to say Yo he know too much. I can’t do this,” and then runs away from the Human Serviette.



👿 Peep the full interview Below 👿