Lil Meech recently chatted with GQ for their jewelry segment “On the Rocks” where he showed off his latest piece.

The gaudy chain and pendant Lil Meech donned cost the young actor a whopping $500,000. He said the kilogram bust-down Cuban link chain he has cost $200,000 where the eye-popping BMF logo pendant rounded out to $300,000. 

“This Cuban is like 1,100 grams. It’s chunky, real big. I really can’t have this on for longer than three or four hours, my neck start hurting,” said Lil Meech. “The locket say ‘Elliante’ on it,” he added, referring to the chain’s designer. “You know what I’m saying? His name, his signature, it got the three big boogers on each side. So, ain’t no regular Cuban, you know? You might find a regular Cuban for 50 or for 100, maybe, but this 200 just for a kilo.”