11 Apr

LeBron, Chris Paul, Carmelo Support Dwyane Wade Before Last Game

Moments before Wednesday night’s game at Barclays Center between Miami Heat and the Brooklyn Nets, Dwyane Wade linked up with LeBron, Carmelo, and Chris Paul – aka the “Banana Boat Crew.”

The foursome got the name after famously being photographed riding a banana boat float while on vacation together in 2015. Wade hugged his friends before the game and taking the court for the starting lineup. During the second quarter, LeBron spoke to Fox Sports Southeast, telling them, “Listen, we all started this journey together. Obviously, CP came into the league a couple years after us, but we have a brotherhood that is just so much more than basketball. CP played last night, we had our last regular-season game last night, and Melo is right here in New York so we kind of made the plan and made the decision to come up here.”


Before his last NBA game of his impressive career, Dwyane Wade linked up with LeBron James, Carmelo, and Chris Paul in an emotional moment. While after the game was emotional as well, LeBron tried to lighten the mood by crashing Wade’s post-game interview by striking a silly face until Wade noticed.


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