Kwame Brown spoke out against BET Awards ceremony during his live stream.

The former NBA player took issue with the content presented on Sunday night’s telecast, including Lil Nas X’s performance.

“BET, what’s that stand for now? Because I know god**** well y’all ain’t still telling us this lie, this supposed to be Black Entertainment Television,” Brown said. “That’s what BET ain’t, it gotta soul or something? Because I think BET gotta White zaddy now.”

Brown questioned why many shows directed towards the Black community and youth encourage sex, violence, and homosexuality. He also asked why heterosexuality isn’t promoted to minors as much as homosexuality and called out Lil Nas X for kissing another man during his performance. The former professional basketball player continued by claiming the LGBTQ+ community gets more passes for “bad behavior” than heterosexuals. He also claimed athletes are held to a higher standard than entertainers. Brown pointed out that such content isn’t as heavily promoted to the Asian and White communities and spoke about what he views are the contributing factors to the emasculation of Black men.