Although they may be universally recognized as some of the world’s most delicious glazed donuts, the owners of Krispy Kreme have recently come under scrutiny for their apparent ties to the Nazi regime.

The Reimanns, who own the controlling stake in JAB Holdings and are said to be one of the most wealthy families in all Germany, disclosed this information themselves to the public as a matter of transparency, following a three-year investigation that they commissioned to discover details of their ancestors’ behavior.

The investigation found that Albert Reimann Sr. and Albert Reimann Jr. used Russian civilian prisoners and French prisoners of war as forced labor in their factories during World War II, in addition to the fact that they were anti-Semites and dedicated supporters of Adolf Hitler.

Additionally, Reimann Sr. reportedly donated to Hitler’s paramilitary SS force as early as 1931, while Reimann Jr. wrote to a local mayor complaining that the French prisoners of war weren’t working hard enough and should be in prison. Overall, it was reported that the company used 175 forced laborers and employed a foreman who was well known for his cruel treatment, during a time when they involved in chemicals-related manufacturing during the war. Although both men passed away many years ago, the family will donate $11 million to an undisclosed charity on behalf of their ancestor’s crimes, with plans to publish a book next year that will detail their ties to the Third Reich.