Klay Thompson was asked if he’s cutting off listening to Drake as the Warriors gear up to play the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals starting tonight.

Thompson said he’s not going to skip any Drake tracks on his playlist unless of course, they’re some of Drizzy’s softer tunes. “If it’s one of his soft, R&B songs, I’mma skip it ’cause I’m in ‘kill mode’ right now trying to get these 4 games,” said Thompson. “So, I’ll skip ‘Hotline Bling’ and anything along that line.” Klay went onto give Drake a bit of praise but definitely kept his same energy as he remarked: “He’s a great artist. Do I like him as a Raptors fan? No. But, I like him as a musician. He’s extremely talented, but I will definitely skip the song if I don’t like it.”