North Korea leader Kim Jong Un’s latest statements about defending the nation find him saying he has a “nuclear button” on his desk ready to go if they are threatened, according to Reuters.

During his New Year’s Day speech, Kim Jong-Un addressed a variety of topics including issues with South Korea. He said “When it comes to North-South relations, we should lower the military tensions on the Korean Peninsula to create a peaceful environment. Both the North and the South should make effortsThe entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, a nuclear button is always on my desk. This is reality, not a threat,” Kim said in the annual address. “This year, we should focus on mass-producing nuclear warheads and ballistic missiles for operational deployment. These weapons will be used only if our society is threatened.”

Kim even went as far as noting he would take into consideration sending representatives to the Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, which is set to take place in February 2018.

Kim said “North Korea’s participation in the Winter Games will be a good opportunity to show unity of the people and we wish the Games will be a success. Officials from the two Koreas may urgently meet to discuss the possibility.”