Key Glock has been publicly mourning the loss of his cousin and Paper Route Empire boss, Young Dolph, who was tragically killed in his hometown of Memphis.

After sharing a touching tribute to Dolph last week, Key Glock revealed a large portrait of the late rapper he had tattooed on his arm. Since the news of Dolph’s passing, Key Glock has deleted all of his social media posts except for his tribute to Dolph. In the post, Key Glock went on to speak about the other family members he has lost over the past two years, and he closed by writing::

“damn bro, im LOST😞 my heart is torn my brain bout to explode it HURTS when I breathe..why you leave me so soon?? I’ll never be the same, you was my lefthand man, my brother, my cousin, my mentor and drank partner. Words really can’t explain how I truly feel right now.. I’m sick to my stomach bruh!! Peace ain’t even working.. all I see is DARKNESS, only GOD knows how much you meant to me.”