Before his recent car accident that landed him in the hospital with serious injuries, Kevin Hart filmed an episode of The Shop: Uninterrupted alongside Lil Nas X, Kevin Love, Rob Gronkowski, and others.

A clip of the show was recently released, which focused on Lil Nas X explaining why he came out at the height of “Old Town Road.”   

Lil Nas X then stated,

“Homosexuality. Gay people. Come on now. If you’re really from the hood you should know it’s not something…. so it’s like for me, the cool dude with the song on top of everything, to say this any other time like I’m doing this for attention in my eyes. But if you’re doing this while you at the top you know it’s like for real and it shows that it doesn’t really matter.” 

Many people took to social media to slam Hart, with some stating that the comedian was dismissive of Lil Nas X telling his story. Others pointed out Hart’s past remarks about the gay community, which led to him stepping down as host of the Oscars last year.