Kevin Durant remains the most coveted player in this summer’s free agent class.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN said:

“Whether it’s staying in Golden State or leaving, the teams that are pursuing him, the teams that are going to pay him a max deal…essentially let him dictate the kind of contract he wants—that hasn’t changed..they all just expect next year he’ll be a very expensive redshirt, probably starting at around $38 million a year.” 

“I’m told KD is doing a lot of soul-searching right now, stepping back from the injury and processing all of this. For KD, he can go back to Golden State on a five-year, $200 million-plus deal. That gives him absolute assurance coming off this Achilles injury. Maybe it gives him something else to think about staying in Golden State. But Brooklyn and the Knicks are very much in the fight.”

KD is expected to miss the entire 2019-20 season as he recovers from the ruptured Achilles. But with the Nets and Knicks in hot pursuit and the prospects of playing with his good friend Kyrie Irving, it’s a chance that we could see the 2020-21 campaign feature a KD x Kyrie team in either Manhattan or Brooklyn.