Kawhi Leonard was signed to a one year deal last year after a risky trade from the San Antonio Spurs which included beloved Demar Derozan being sent to the Spurs.

Now that the 2019 season has ended, the Raptors are reaping the rewards of the trade as Kawhi Leonard led the Raptors to their first ever championship. Throughout the playoffs, as Kawhi showed his skills, it was a question many were asking, is he going to stay in Toronto? Well, it has now been answered.

Kawhi announced that he was staying in Toronto after the championship parade ended, because of a deal he made with the owners of the Toronto Raptors. The owners of the Raptors, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment (MLSE) alongside Kawhi Leonard announced that they would be giving him ownership interest in one of their new businesses, an online casino, if he stayed. Kawhi said he evaluated it with his advisors, and decided that it was too good to ignore, and put the agreement in stone. His agent and Kawhi are still ironing out the details of his new contract, so an extension hasn’t been signed yet per se, but by taking ownership in the now jointly owned online casino, called Jet Bingo, his stay is confirmed.


To celebrate the championship, and Kawhi making the call to stay in Toronto, Jet Bingo is offering a limited time promotion on behalf of Kawhi and MLSE to the first 500 Canadians that signup and play. Kawhi said about the deal:

“This is a great moment for the City of Toronto and all Canadians, there are big things to come. I look forward to winning with the best fans in the world, and my new venture with Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment.” 



To show that it was real, MLSE generously granted our editor the first spot among the 500 players. Here is what CBC’s Scott Smith had to say about Jet Bingo and their promotion: Signing up was simple, and he deposited $20. Then he got a $200 cash bonus, no strings attached, just for signing up. Scott also got 120 free spins, and he started playing. To his surprise, after 44 spins, he won $4,000 Scott later withdrew his winnings, and he had $4,000 deposited into his bank account the following business day.