Kanye West has certainly seen better days. Four months into the new year, he has already been banned from performing at the Grammys, kicked off of Instagram, and his lawfully wedded wife of six years was finally granted a divorce from him.

In addition to being sanctioned by various entities, his bizarre attempts to demean fellow celebrities like Trevor Noah and D.L. Hughley have only increased the public’s disdain for him. In fact, it was recently reported that a petition for Coachella to drop the 22-time Grammy Award winner from its lineup garnered nearly 50,000 signatures. Apparently, Christmas has come early for those signees because the 44-year-old has pulled out of the heralded festival that he was scheduled to headline on April 17th and April 24th.

Kanye’s set was likely to include an appearance from Travis Scott, who will no longer be appearing at the festival this year either. There is no word why Kanye West has canceled his set or who is going to be chosen as Ye’s replacement.