Kanye West has ended his relationship with JAY-Z’s streaming service Tidal over a $3m financial disagreement, TMZ reports. Sources connected to Tidal suggest that West’s lawyer notified Tidal in June that the rapper considered his deal terminated over a perceived breach of contract.


The report suggests that the dispute centers on money West, a Tidal co-owner and shareholder, alleges the company owes his for making music videos for The Life Of Pablo tracks. Tidal said he will be paid when he delivers the videos while West claims the videos will be available when he gets his money.


Report: Kanye West And Tidal Are Involved In A $3M Financial Dispute

Madonna, Deadmau5, Kanye West, and JAY-Z at the Tidal launch event in March 2015.   


Additionally, West says he is owed a bonus for bringing Tidal 1.5 million new subscribers when he released The Life Of Pablo exclusively via their platform. Two weeks of subsequent negotiations reportedly failed with both sides insisting they are correct. Tidal is said to be willing to sue West if he agrees a deal with a rival streaming service. West, meanwhile, is said to be prepared to counter-sue. The reported dispute predates the release of JAY-Z’s new album 4:44, in which he appeared to aim criticism of West in his lyrics.

Representatives for Kanye West and Tidal were not immediately available for comment.