Previously, Vans filed a lawsuit against MSCHF, a company that did a sneaker collaboration with Tyga called “Wavy Baby.” The shoes appear to play on the iconic ‘Old Skool’ silhouette Vans is known for, which caused the company to file suit.

In their suit, Vans said Tyga’s collab is an “effort to confuse consumers, unlawfully siphon sales from Vans, and intentionally damage Vans’ valuable intellectual property rights.” MSCHF responded to the lawsuit, saying, “These shoes comment on consumerism, on the absurdity of sneakerhead culture. This was released as an art project. It was not released in competition with Vans.” According to reports, the iconic skateboard brand responded by requesting a restraining order, which a judge has now granted. 

Judge William Kuntz granted a temporary restraining order for Vans against Brooklyn art collective MSCHF. The ruling by Kuntz went on to say, “Plaintiffs have sufficiently demonstrated actual consumer confusion. Multiple independent sources commented on the similarity between the Old Skool shoes and the Wavy Baby shoes.”

The judge also said the sneakers from MSCHF do not meet the requirements to be considered a parody of the ‘Old Skool’ model by Vans. As a result, MSCHF has been forbidden from fulfilling any more orders for the “Wavy Baby” shoe and escrowing money from the orders that can’t be canceled.