Joyner Lucas is one of the most cutting-edge MCs to emerge in recent years. The Worcester, Massachusetts native was strongly co-signed by Busta Rhymes, a few years ago. In June, the past BET Hip Hop Cypher participant released the track “508-507-2209″. However, he keeps dropping technically-advanced, thought-provoking bars.


“I’m Not Racist” is a grabbing example. With Joyner’s pen creating the conversation, the MC stages a conversation between a white male “Make America Great Again” red-cap wearer and a Black man representative of the Hip-Hop generation. They begin seated across the table, but as each states his perspective on race relations in America, it gets incredibly heated and really raw. The white character begins, mouthing the lyrics that come from Lucas’ rap….denies he’s a racist, and points to Black in-laws in his family as justification.