Actress and former Fox News correspondent, Stacy Dash will be running for Congress as a Republican in California’s 44th Congressional District, according to documents filed with Federal Election Commission on Monday, February 26.

Dash faces an uphill battle as the congressional distinct has been held by Democrats since 2013. The democratic party has had such a hold on the distinct, which includes Compton, Watts, San Pedro and North Long Beach, Republicans have not put up a candidate to fight for the seat since 2010. “Formal statements coming. For those mocking for the district I live in…open your minds. It’s time to for me to put up or shut up and I want to serve great people.” Dash Tweeted Monday after news broke of her decision to run. “I live in the 44th unlike some who don’t live in their districts. Thank you to those who offered their support.” While many doubt the outspoken movie star has a chance to win, comedian Jon Stewart believes that it’s not out the realm of possibility, considering our current political climate. Speaking the with TMZ, when asked about Dash’s plans to run for Congress, the former Daily Show host replied, “In the world, we live in anything is possible.”