The 76ers were completely dismantled by the Toronto Raptors on Tuesday night to take a 3-2 series lead.

Tuesday night’s game didn’t see the same exuberant Joel Embiid celebrating like he was back in Philadelphia Drake and other fans trolled the big man on his way out of the game with his signature airplane celebration. Embiid said he didn’t pay much attention to the fans, including Drake but walking back to the locker room the two were seen exchanging words. Nevertheless, Embiid feels as though he’s entitled to celebrate because he’s a dominant player and clearly the outcome of last night’s game won’t deter him from boastfully celebrating anytime down the line.



Joel Embiid had a stellar outing in Game 3 which saw him celebrating after punching in a windmill dunk. But that very celebration came back to haunt him as Drake and other Raptors fans mocked the plane celebration as Embiid exited the game at which point the Sixers were facing a 28 point deficit.