03 Sep

Joe Budden Talks Leaving Complex, Relationship with Eminem, Industry Moves + More

Joe Budden returns to The Breakfast Club in the midst of a career renaissance.

It might be surprising to some, butĀ Joe BuddenĀ hasĀ slid through to become one of hip-hop’s biggest media voices. While his stint on Complex’sĀ Everyday StruggleĀ was short-lived, it helped solidify him as one to watch. Not to mention his ongoing “Joe Budden Podcast,” which features enough content to satisfy even the most ardent Budden fiends.Now with a Spotify deal in the works, Budden took some time out of his busy schedule to hit up The Breakfast Club, for a wide ranging conversation. Given his tendency to find himself in a variety of engaging situations, topics likeĀ Eminem, money moves, and hisĀ Everyday StruggleĀ departure are broached.https://youtu.be/0ZdMvUnTS48

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