Drake is on top of the world. The Canadian rapper released a 2 song EP entitled Scary Hours last month, and both singles charted The clear-cut radio favorite, “God’s Plan,” ascended Billboard‘s Hot 100 chart, and has been the number one song in the country for the past two weeks. Drake released a music video for the single, that features him giving out $1 million dollars to random Miami residents and educational programs. Jimmy Kimmel, moved by the altruistic video, decided to remake “God’s Plan”… in a .99 cents store. The video features Guillermo, with just $100, in a .99 cents store. He grabs a loudspeaker and announces to the customers that they can have only one item on him, and the item must cost .99 cents. From that point on, Drake’s single plays in the back while Guillermo hilariously gives out single dollar bills.