While Beyonce and Blue Ivy were chilling courtside and snapping selfies at the NBA All-Star Game in Los Angeles over the weekend, JAY-Z was back in New York City wining and dining a group of Roc Nation execs to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

Page Six reports that Hova dropped more than $110,000 Sunday night while celebrating the birthday of close friend and Roc Nation Sports president Juan “OG” Perez.

JAY, along with OG and other Roc Nation heads, began the night at Midtown Manhattan restaurant Zuma where they enjoyed a modest dinner which only cost $13,000. The group next headed way uptown to Inwood, where they enjoyed drinks at restaurant Made in Mexico to the tune of $9,000–much of it spent on Hov’s D’Ussé cognac. The group, now narrowed down to just six people, finished out the evening at nearby club Playroom. It was here that JAY apparently decided to stop being so frugal and shell out some real cash in the name of a good time.


Page Six reports that the rap mogul paid full price for 40 bottles of his own Ace of Spades champagne, most of which were handed out to other tables in the club. A server at Playroom posted Hova’s final tab on Snapchat which came to a staggering $80,035. An $11,100 tip brought the total damage to $91,135. An insane amount indeed, though the entire night’s cost of $110,000 is only 0.013% of JAY’s $810 million fortune. Plus, he’ll probably be able to write it off as a Roc Nation-related business expense.