Jamie Foxx is a legendary comedian that got his start on the iconic 90’s sketch comedy show In Living Color.

He’s also an awarding-winning singer and actor, but the prime years of his illustrious career ran its course before his youngest daughter, Annalise Bishop, was born in 2008. So, when her 54-year-old dad bragged about being the voice behind music producer Pi’erre Bourne’s producer tag, her response exemplified the viewpoint of a teenager. Jamie Foxx uttered the famous “Yo Pierre” line during an old episode of The Jamie Foxx show. Pi’erre Bourne has since converted the sentence into a producer tag that can be heard on hit songs such as “Magnolia” by Playboi Carti. Scroll up to watch Jamie Foxx talk about his daughter’s response to him being the voice behind Pi’erre Bourne’s producer tag.