It’s no surprise that over the course of his career, J Prince has seen many days of success.

The Rap-A-Lot Records founder chose to key his followers in on two of his most important keys to success.

First, J Prince says “Write your goals down,” followed by the second tenet which urges one to “do something towards accomplishing your goals every day.”

In the lengthy post, J Prince comments about his success being attributed to people around him like his mother. He also talked about the What-Where-When and How rule as it pertains to assessing and accomplishing your goals.


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Two of the most important things to do to accomplish your goals are to: 1. Write your goals down and 2. Do something towards accomplishing your goals everyday. – – One of the real secrets to my success was that it was never about me, myself and I. It began with the spirit of giving to my mother and others. There’s a lot of power in giving to those who’ve given to you first. That’s why my mother was the first person on my list. – – It’s also important to prioritize your list of goals because there’s an order to doings things. Answering the questions; What-Where-When and How to each goal will give you clarity on what’s needed to accomplishing your goals. – – Last but not least, remember when you become successful, never abandon your loved ones and never forget where you came from. I say that because I believe in the Universal Laws in particular reaping what you sow. In order to keep receiving you have to keep giving. – – Read about how I accomplished my goals using the What-Where-When and How formula. – – #TheArtAndScienceOfRespect #jprince

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