Previously, it was noted that 1501 Certified Entertainment, that label Megan Thee Stallion is signed to, had a lawsuit filed against them by the star rapper.

Now, J Prince has gone on record to say that the lawsuit against 1501 Certified Entertainment will be coming to an end soon due to Jay-Z. While making an appearance on the ‘Big Facts’ show with Big Bank and DJ Scream, Rap-A-Lot Records mogul J Prince said:

“[Head of the label] Carl Crawford is the homie. He’s from 5th Ward, he’s from my hood. Thanks to the homie Jay-Z right now because he and I are about to close that. I’m hoping that we close this week. In the beginning, see, some things that’s facts where independent labels are concerned. When we ignite and start movements, and it’s been going on since back in the day and probably before me, the majors will come in and try to take your s**t. That’s just how it go, you know what I mean? Clearly, that’s what was trying to take place where he was concerned and I couldn’t allow it to happen on my watch.”