Jermaine uncovers America’s obsessionĀ with capitalism and its cogitating impact on his everyday decision making, as well as those around him.

The visual opens with King Cole donning a crown while riding overĀ clouds on his throne with a group of perplexed children sitting onĀ ActavisĀ syrup bottles following his every move. The scene moves to the 33-year-old counting up stacks of cash before pivoting to him beingĀ locked up in a room made out of dollar bills. Later, the clip shifts into ColeĀ at a casino taking turns as the dealer and player running the blackjack table. Things get confusing when the Roc Nation signee freakishly rips off his right arm and leg,Ā which is symbolic of the crippling effect capitalism has on American citizens.


peep the video below: