Iranian forces have just shot down a United States military drone that was reportedly flying over international airspace.

With that said, the location of where the drone was flying has been disputed by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, as they’re insisting that they shot down an “intruding American spy drone” after it entered into the country’s territory earlier this morning.

The head of the Revolutionary Guard Corps, Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami said:

“The only way for our enemies to be safe is to respect our sovereignty, national security, and the national interests of the great Iranian nation…shooting down the American spy drone had a clear, decisive, firm and accurate message… that the guardians of the borders of Islamic Iran will decisively respond to the violation of any stranger to this land. The only solution for the enemies is to respect the territorial integrity and national interests of Iran.”

Furthermore, Salami then let it be known that Iran is ready for any potential retaliation from the U.S. military, adding that although they “do not want war with any country, we are completely, and totally, ready and prepared for war.”

As for the recent drone in question, US Central Command has said that it was a RQ-4A Global Hawk model that was flying over the Strait of Hormuz, known as one of the most vital shipping routes in the world.