The situation found him going to trial to face a 2nd-degree murder charge, with the rapper ultimately being found not guilty of murder.

Now, Chris has made it clear he plans on suing the Shreveport Police Department, noting they didn’t properly investigate the situation in June 2020. The three-year fiasco caused him to lose out on wages, which is why the rapper is suing. While speaking to TMZ, Chris expressed his condolences to the family of the person lost in the situation, noting that he knew the person whose life was lost. The rapper noted he was cleared of wrongdoing after he found the witnesses on the scene, who testified in his favor after prosecutors subpoenaed the witnesses in an attempt to work in favor of convicting the rapper. 

The “Ay Bay Bay” rapper noted that he missed auditions for shows like ‘BMF’ and FX’s ‘Snowfall.’