The Huntington Park Police Department deployed its “RoboCop” to aid officers patrolling a public area. The RoboCop is a data collection machine equipped with 360-degree video footage and acts “as an extra set of eyesโ€ for the police force.

RoboCop will be deployed in public areas cops don’t “have time to monitor” such as parks and city buildings.

Mayor Karina Macias said in a statement:

“I’m very excited that we can officially call on HP RoboCop to help our police officers patrol our city, […] This is a big accomplishment for our city and introducing HP RoboCop shows innovation and the incorporation of new technology.โ€

RoboCop has gotten mixed reviews from users on Twitter. While some think this can be a safe and effective way of tackling crime, others are far more skeptical. Detractors of RoboCop point to it being another tool of surveillance and others believe even worse possibilities are to come as a result of RoboCop patrolling the streets.