When Isaiah Lee was carried out of the Hollywood Bowl on a stretcher by paramedics, following his attempt to tackle Dave Chapelle on stage at Netflix is a Joke, it prompted celebratory tweets and humorous memes all over social media. Many people viewed the disturbing photos of the 23-year-old’s bruised face and battered body as a beacon of resistance for stand-up comedians everywhere. However, one person who wasn’t too pleased with the way in which Chappelle’s security team manhandled his attacker was none other than Howard Stern.

During a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show, the legendary radio personality openly questioned the integrity of the celebrities who took delight in the rumors that Chappelle’s assailant suffered a broken shoulder and dislocated arm. Stern also questioned why Will Smith wasn’t subjected to similar treatment, given that he also attacked a stand-up comedian during a bit on stage.