Hip Hop legend Biz Markie has passed away from a series of health complications from diabetes.

A family source confirmed that the rapper passed away Friday evening after battling the complications for the past year. Biz Markie, who is most famous for his hit song “Just a Friend,” was hospitalized last summer due to his Type II Diabetes. In December, it was reported that heĀ suffered a stroke during a diabetic coma and was having trouble communicating because the stroke affected his brain. Throughout 2021, Biz Markie’s status remained a mystery until his manager had to dispelĀ death rumorsĀ earlier this month.

The rapper, DJ, record producer, actor, and comedian was considered the “Clown Prince of Hip Hop” and achieved platinum success with “Just a Friend,” which is considered one of the greatest Hip Hop songs of all time. Biz Markie was 57-years-old.