Gucci Mane recently stopped by Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Podcast to promote his new album, Evil Genius, and the self-proclaimed “Trap God” made an eye-opening statement regarding his previous drug abuse.

“I think the drugs would have killed me,” Gucci said as he reflected on his turbulent past, while previously conceding that most of the “crazy things” he did in his lifetime were triggered by drug use. From there, Lowe asked Gucci if he felt going to jail had saved his life, and he responded by saying that “as hard as jail was”, in hindsight, the answer is probably yes.

When talking about drugs effect on society, however, Gucci provided a full context stating that: “drugs are always going to be a part of society. There’s always going to be people fighting, and there’s always going to be death. It’s always going to be a part of music… just think about rock & roll stars before there was hip-hop. It’s never going to go nowhere.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Gucci talks about seeing a star in Young Thug the first day he met him, and gives the ultimate compliment to Ty Dolla $ign by comparing him to Nate Dogg.