Over the years, Criss Angel has made a career out of creating logic-defying on-camera moments that have left his viewers in disbelief.

The illusionist has made a believer out of a litany of celebrity guests, such as Barack Obama, who have appeared on his former television programs, such as Mind Freak and Criss Angel BeLIEve. Although some have challenged the validity of his stuntwork and magic tricks, implying that his on-camera work is often scripted, the severe injuries that he has sustained indicate that there is a huge degree of risk and unpredictability involved. Now, Ginuwine can attest to that notion. The 51-year-old “Differences” singer agreed to participate in one of Criss Angel’s stunts during a taping of Magic with the Stars in Las Vegas this week. The act called for Ginuwine to hold his breath underwater inside a glass tank. But what was intended to be a routine cameo appearance from a celebrity almost resulted in a fatal freak accident because Ginuwine nearly drowned before Criss Angel’s staff pulled him up out of the water. The R&B crooner reportedly had to be carried off stage by the paramedics following the mishap, but he is expected to make a full recovery.