Billy McFarland, the founder of the doomed 2017 Fyre festival was released from prison after being sentenced to six years in 2018. 

McFarland, 30, was released to a halfway home run by federal officials in New York, where he will stay until August 30. McFarland’s lawyer, Jason Russo, stated that:

“Billy is looking forward to reuniting with and seeing his family and truly just focusing on his efforts to get this enormous amount of restitution paid. He has put together a team of professionals to brainstorm and come up with ideas in entertainment and other avenues to generate income. His sole priority and focus is how can he make these people whole and get their money back for them. That’s what he’s been focusing on.” 

Russo is referring to the $26 million McFarland was ordered to reimburse his Fyre festival investors after pleading guilty to defrauding them. After pleading guilty to wire fraud charges, McFarland admitted that he lied to investors and sent false documents to maintain the scheme.