French Montana says he has “love” for Kanye West, but he’s “not feeling” the recent support thrown to Donald Trump by the rapper throughout the last couple of days. Speaking with TMZ, French noted that he couldn’t support someone like Trump, suggesting that the policies of the president have targeted marginalized individuals living in the county.

“I’m not feeling what he doing withholding Trump down,” French said, after indicating that he was unsure if he would be on Ye’s new album. “I don’t respect nobody who take away education from students. [Trump] took away education from millions of students. They don’t have the DACA program. You know, this country was built on immigrants. Nobody’s from here.” When asked why he believed Kanye has chosen to endorse Trump, French answered, “I love Kanye, but I guess he has an album coming out.”

While French affirms his appreciation for his “big brother” Ye, the “Unforgettable” rapper doesn’t have the same admiration for the president. “I just don’t respect somebody like [Trump] that deports so many people and hurts so many families and takes away education from students. They don’t deserve that; there’s millions of them too.”

When asked if Kanye’s comments will hurt him publicly, French replied, “With this one, I’m not with it. I don’t support Trump until he starts doing some better things.”