24 Sep

First Video Surfaces of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker

DC Comics fans who’ve been stoked with anticipation for details on next year’s Joker movie have been getting a first glimpse at what the sadistic supervillain will look like thanks to the recent leaking of a video clip that he is featured in.

Photographs and recordings from the film’s set have been popping up on social media for the better part of the past week, with one particular snippet showing lead actor Joaquin Phoenix posing in the dressed down/civilian version of the Joker; Arthur Fleck. Many grew skeptical about what the final production will look like after seeing Phoenix represent Fleck, but with the most recent recording having him dressed in full costume, the reaction from the public has been positive.

Fans who are looking forward to a cinematic experience in line with some of the Batman movies that have presented Joker in a secondary role to D.C. protagonists over the years may eventually find themselves confused by the rollout, as the stand-alone October 4, 2019 will be void of inspiration from the DC movies audiences have grown used to. Director Todd Phillips, of The Hangover and War Dogs fame, will look to go more in-depth while profiling the story of Fleck as a failed comedian who takes evolves into a murderous psychopath.


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