Fat Joe recently sat down with LeBron James for an episode of HBO’s The Shop: Uninterrupted, alongside guests Amy Schumer and Don Lemon. 

During the discussion, Fat Joe was asked who was the most impressive artist he’s ever seen in the studio. It was something the Bronx rapper had never seen before. Someone asked him to explain what that meant. Joe explained:

“I don’t want nobody to kill me, but the best…Lil Wayne. Wayne taught me—so, what happens is, Lil Wayne took up from where Tupac was, he was putting out two albums a year. This guy was never in the club, he was the No. 1 artist in the world. He was just in that studio, in that hit factory, in that studio. So, I was privy to being there with Wayne ’cause I live in Miami and this guy, he would just get a beat, and the guy starts sparing with the speaker.”