Streaming is the future. Netflix changed the game when they converted from a DVD rental service to a subscription streaming service.

Music streaming sites like Pandora, Soundcloud, Spotify, and Apple Music are responsible for the majority of modern-day music consumption in the country. Even radio programs have been affected by the change, podcast streams are the latest way for people to listen to their favorite radio shows. Disney, who will be creating a streaming platform of their own, has decided to announce a new streaming service for ESPN.

The ESPN streaming service will run through the ESPN app and will cost $4.99. Initially, Android, Chromecast, and Apple iOS will be the only operating systems to support the streaming service. Disney CEO Bob Iger stated that the service will be “highly personalized,” and consumers will be able to watch live events, highlights, and new segments based on their team preferences or region. All of ESPN‘s original series will be featured in their entirety as well, such as 30 for 30.

Disney has been struggling to turn profits from ESPN since consumers have been opting to cancel expensive cable deals and purchase cheap alternatives like Hulu and Netflix. Iger intends for the ESPN streaming service to help rectify the decline in ESPN‘s stocks.