Eminem has been on the road for a tour in Australia along with some stops in New Zealand and recently found himself breaking down why he wears t-shirts that feature classic rap albums during one of his sets.

While at the Westpac Stadium in Wellington, the rapper said his knack for wearing the shirts have a purpose. Em said:

“You know, this was called the Rapture tour. But originally, it was going to be called the ‘Rap Shirt’ tour. I’ma tell you why. There’s a reason I do this, every single night on stage man. Hopefully, some of ya’ll might go buy their albums. Might go look em’ up. Maybe you don’t know who Masta Ace was, or Kool G Rap. I feel like you need to know because what they did for hip-hop is so f*****g incredible because they made it go to that next level. These are the rappers that inspired me, man. On some real s**t.”