24 Dec

Eminem Drops Teaser for ‘Walk On Water’ Music Video (Trailer)

Riding on the momentum of his latest project comes a teaser for “Walk On Water,” the opening track off Eminem’s new album, Revival. “Walk On Water” is a track that not only launches Em’s ninth studio album, it’s also the song which includes the biggest star, Beyonce.


The song features production from Rick Rubin and Skylar Grey, who originally conceived it. Peaking at number 14 on Billboard’s Hot 100, “Walk On Water” landed Beyonce after her husband JAY-Z heard the track and convinced her to jump on it.


In the teaser for the music video, Em sits at a school desk furiously typing away on an old-school typewriter. As he tears away the finished pages and tosses them to the floor, it’s revealed that several clones of the rapper are also typing up a storm and the text consists of a jumbled mess of consonants. However, at the end of the clip Em apparently types something that meets his approval. The teaser is clearly a nod to the Infinite Monkey Theorem, which states that a monkey hitting keys on a keyboard at random for a long enough period will eventually compose any given text.


Peep the ‘walk on water’ trailer below:


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