Dwight Howard recently opened the doors to his 35,000 square foot Atlanta mansion for In Depth with Graham Bensinger. 

Outside, Dwight showed Graham where he meditates in his garden, which he says is managed by just one person. Howard also shared that he came from humble beginnings and was blown away by the impressive $8.8 million mansion when he first saw it, telling Graham, “I can’t believe I have a home like this.”

Inside, Dwight showed off his many pet snakes and he revealed that he’s been bitten three times, which led him to show a scar on his arm from one of the incidents. He also showed off various pieces of memorabilia from his favorite movies, including Back to the Future and Batman. In Howard’s garage is a purple Thanos-inspired Rolls Royce and a Superman bike that he says he’s ridden at 170 mph.