Less than 24 hours after dropping Scorpion, Spotify shared a bit of mind-blowing information about Drake’s latest album.

According to the streaming platform, Scorpion was streamed roughly 10 millions times per hour since its release. Spotify shared information on the feat via Twitter on Friday afternoon. This can be attributed to the unprecedented promo Scorpion got from Spotify with its “Scorpion SZN” push which was the first time a single artist was featured on multiple Spotify playlists. According to Variety, Drake was “on the cover of RapCaviar, Beast Mode, Today’s Top Hits, Morning Commute and others—including ones where his music isn’t even featured.”

It is also being reported that Drake sold 30,000 units overnight with “Emotionless” getting a bulk of the streams which is where he confirms his son Adonis. But the 6 god also got recognized by RIAA in the process for being their highest digital singles artist with 142 million digital singles to date.