There is no denying that and with a recent report breaking down how much Drake brings in to his hometown of Toronto makes his mainstream appeal all the more apparent.

According to Gordon Hendren, a marketing and brand consultant told Vice News that Drake brings the city of Toronto roughly $440 million annually.

“We did some calculations that suggest he’s worth about $440 million to the Toronto economy,” said Hendren. “There are a number of factors that go into that calculation but we gave Drake five percent of [Toronto’s] $8.8 billion [economy].”

Michael Thompson, Toronto City Councillor said of Drake’s economic significance:

“I was just in New Orleans over the weekend and the reason why I was there, we were there to secure a technology conference to come to Toronto for the next three years. And I talked a little about Toronto, who we are, the number of people living here and so on. And when I mentioned this was the home of Drake, people just kind of went crazy.”