YK Osiris recently shared a video of Drake’s trophy room while hanging out at his Toronto mansion, and while there, Drake decided to get YK Osiris to give back the $60,000 he owes.

In a recently posted video, Drake stated that if YK Osiris performed his 2019 track “Worth It,” he’d wipe the debt clean. Drake can be seen telling YK Osiris, “You owe me sixty bands and you have to perform the song in the crib. I’m giving you an out.” He added, “I’m not Baby, I’m not Boosie. You don’t owe me two racks or five racks. You owe me sixty bands and I’m playing the song right now, you ready?”

YK Osiris looked downtrodden when Drake made the suggestion, but he soon jumped up and started singing his heart out. The camera then pans to Drake, who is jumping up and down and laughing hysterically.