Drake’s push to bring infrastructure and attention to his city has been a highlight over the last few years, with the rapper even becoming an ambassador for the Toronto Raptors.

Now, reports surfaced noting Drake and Live Nation will be opening a new concert venue in Toronto called ‘History.’ The venue has reportedly been in the works for over three years, and the announcement of the completion of the venue was made Tuesday, June 8. Drake and Live Nation noted History would be open later this year, and Drake went into further detail about the importance of the new venture. Drake said:

“Some of my most memorable shows were playing smaller rooms like History. I wanted to take those memories and what I learned to create an incredible experience for both the artists and the fans.”

The CEO of Live Nation, Michael Rapino, said, “We saw an opportunity to bring Toronto a great new venue, and we have so much gratitude and respect for Drake teaming up with us to bring it to life in the best way possible. “ Reports noted the venue can hold 2,500 people and that they plan to host 200 concerts and events annually.