Following the Raptors’ Eastern Conference Finals victory, Drake took his private plane, “Air Drake,” to the Bahamas to celebrate.

Drake posted up at The Cove Luxury Resort, where he was swarmed by fans who whistled and screamed as he walked by. While on vacation, Drake hit the minimum $500 blackjack tables at the Atlantis Casino with 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin. Drake hanging out with Rubin is interesting considering the heavy taunting that the rapper did while the Raptors were battling the 76ers during the NBA Eastern Conference semifinals.

Rubin previously spoke about the nature of his friendship with Drake after the rapper wore 76ers gear during Game 7 of the semifinals, leaning into rumors that he curses any team he roots for. Rubin told CNBC, “Drake is known to be cursed. He’s probably the last remaining curse in sports. Whatever products he wears ultimately that team is jinxed. He was texting pictures [of himself] in the shorts the entire game. So I obviously I have tremendous hatred toward him for that.”